Happy Art Camino:
the way to yourself
Art Project with Andrey Veber
Two countries: Portugal and Spain
Dates: 1-31 October 2022

Key information about what awaits you on this journey
The Сamino Way
The ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela city. In 1896, Paulo Coelho made a pilgrimage and then wrote the famous book "Diary of a Magus".
Shooting interviews with each participant and all the transformations they undergo during this journey. The goal of the project is to make a film and arrange an art show about our path.
31 days / 500 km
We will go on foot the Portuguese way from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. The difficulty level is medium, it's great for beginners. No special training is required.
Every morning the participants will receive a new point for the evening meeting. It will be an unusual mix of classic shelters (albergue) and city hotels.
12 participants
A small group for those who want a deep reboot against the background of the incredible landscapes of Portugal and Spain and who want to take the path to oneself and share it with others.
Development format
Individual and team tasks, group discussions and workshops. Every morning there is the setting for the day, the past day reflection and discussion are in the evening.
Dreams and goals
To look back what you really dream about, what goals you set yourself, what kindles fire and passion inside you. To surrender and connect with it 100%, to see how the universe reciprocates and supports in everything you do.
A new sincerity
You can finally remove your numerous masks and be real. To be true, sincere, open, honest and curious. You can also turn off your internal critic and conductor, the whole space will help and contribute to this process on a daily basis.
People and stories
Meet new people, listen to other people's stories and tell some of your own. Each participant will get a great number of both scheduled and impromptu meetings, while you can choose a comfortable level of communication with others.
The Inner Child
To be in touch with your inner child, curious, brave, risky and doing messed-up things, but still enjoying what is happening to him. To feel alive and free. To play, dream and marvel.
Practice of mindfulness
To audit my usual mental strategies. Reflect upon my habits and beliefs. What promotes and stops me? What is my relationship with myself? What are the boundaries in my life? To capture some bright insights.
Amazing nature
To walk a few small cities and look at the domestic life of Spain and Portugal through the eyes of a pilgrim. To enjoy the fantastic landscapes of local rivers and forests, the powerful ocean and beautiful mountains, the meditative road and endless autumn fields.
Approximate route 1-31 October 2022
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1 October
1 October
Individual meetings with Andrey Veber
- What do you really want for yourself?
- What bonds with the universe did you create for it?
- Why are you taking this path right now?
- What is your heart singing about?
2 October
2 October
Gathering a group, getting to know each other, setting goals for a trip to yourself
- What are you dreaming of?
- What is your metaphor of the path?
- How will the universe support you on your way?
- What new are you going to make?
3 October
3 October
Porto -> Vila do Conde
27 km, Portugal
- How do you start in life?
- Do you "escape from" or "get to"?
- What are the boundaries and resources for the start?
- More haste less speed?
4 October
4 October
Vila do Conde -> Esposende
25 km, Portugal
- Where is your inner child?
- How to generate a keen interest to the old?
- Why do you want to explore the depth of yourself?
- How can you help your explorer?
5 October
5 October
Esposende -> Viana do Castelo
22 km, Portugal
- How much do you trust the universe?
- Where does your self-confidence live?
- How to learn to trust strangers?
- Where is the line between trust and control?
6 October
6 October
Viana do Castelo -> Caminha
23 km, Portugal
- How do you usually make a choice?
- How to practice determination?
- When do you need an interval and a stop?
- Do you prefer automatization or mindfulness practice?
7 October
7 October
Caminha -> Valença
26 km, Portugal-Spain
- What conflicts haven't you solved yet?
- What is the energy of the conflict?
- How to use the power of the conflict?
- How to come in and emerge from conflicts?
8 October
8 October
Valença -> Porriño
16 km, Spain
- How to get to know your own body?
- How to fill yourself with energy?
- How to learn to respect and love your body?
- How to manage states through the body?
9 October
9 October
Porriño -> Redondela
15 km, Spain
- What a weight do you take to walk this path?
- What can you be grateful for?
- What is forgiveness for you?
- Who and how will you forgive on your way?
10 October
10 October
Redondela -> Pontevedra
33 km, Spain
- What are you really afraid of?
- How to use your fear?
- How to overcome your fear?
- How to push yourself into fear 100%?
11 October
11 October
Pontevedra -> Caldas de Reyes
21 km, Spain
- What is your hidden inner power?
- How do you show your power?
- How do you limit your power?
- How to use your power 100%?
12 October
12 October
Caldas de Reyes -> Padrón
21 km, Spain
- What can you be grateful for?
- Why do you need gratitude?
- How to receive gratitude?
- How to fill the path with gratitude?
13 October
13 October
Padrón -> Santiago de Compostela
22 km, Spain
- How do you imagine the ending of your journey?
- With whom and how do you share the victory?
- How do you sum up the results?
- Are you starting to dream again? About what?
14-15 October
14-15 October
Santiago de Compostela
Individual meetings with Andrey Veber
Camino path does not end in Santiago de Compostela. It is very important to comprehend and accept the new experience that we have created. For this purpose, leisurely walks around the city are best suited, especially together with a loved one who will help to reflect on the path and adjust to getting home.
This is the most unusual part of the route: returning back on foot from Santiago de Compostella to Porto.
19-31 October
19-31 October
Santiago de Compostela -> Porto (EXTRA)
250 km, Spain-Portugal
I never fully know what this journey might hold for me. But I can spend these two weeks in a completely different way than usual. I can look out more for myself, people, nature, the city. The Camino route is a mirror of all the life, here you can clearly see all those mental strategies, habits, beliefs and laws of life that ultimately make me who I am. And with this awareness, the path begins not only to the beautiful landscapes of Portugal and Spain, but also to the real me. I believe The Camino route is the most eco-friendly and natural transformational training that exists in our universe. It is only important to trust the environment, take the first step and give yourself to the lifestream...
Andrey Veber
founder, producer, artist
Key information about our works
Exhibition of works (photo, interviews, performance)
The journey will launch not only inner changes, but also some creative processes in all of us. What will it be, in what forms will we be able to express what happened to us on the path? The result of our journey is going to be an exhibition of works that at the metaphorical level will refer to what we have done together during that month.
A documentary about the transformation of project participants
I'm going to make a documentary about the transformation that the participants and I have lived through during our journey. How does an external journey trigger an internal journey? What new happened to all the participants? How has the trip affected everyone's personal level of happiness? What insights did the participants receive? What is the value of such experimental formats?
Virtual Museum about the Camino Way (launching NFT)
I wish to start up a virtual museum that will tell about our journey to any person who is having an identity crisis today or is just thinking about starting his transformation. Our works will provide answers to the questions that we ask ourselves in such situations, and will become inspiration and support on the way. They will show strength of the Camino Way!
We will make an experiment that studies our level of happiness.
We will test our current level of well-being, optimism and other metrics four times as part of the project. The study will be done on the basis of tests from the University of Pennsylvania (author professor Martin Seligman). Read more >>>

first measurement. Before the start of the trip.
second measurement. When we reach Santiago de Compostela.
third measurement. When we get back to Porto.
fourth measurement. A month after the trip.
Travel participant selection
There will be only 12 participants with me on the route
It means a lot for me that the people I take have their own demand for their inner transformation, for a sincere and honest dialogue with themselves. Willingness to participate in all activities, to give interviews, to share your feelings, feelings and thoughts during and after the trip. I am looking forward to your essays about why I should take you to the project.
* each participant gives permission to use photo and video materials in an art project (the photo gallery, the film and at the museum).
founder, producer, artist
Founder and CEO social project Наррy Culture. General manager International Day of Happiness Russia, Happy Work Forum, Happy Camp, Transition of Happiness etc. Founder community Ministry of Happiness, speaker.

Founder and CEO of a consulting company FirstGull, executive coach. First president of ICC Russia. Publisher and chief-in-editor FirstGull Coaching Review.

Photographer, author notPerfect project etc

Professional traveler (more than 30 countries in the last 5 years), father of four children.

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Each photo for me is filled with meaning and the idea of self-development.
We will be happy to answer any questions
Andrey Veber
Autor, producer, artist, leader
+7 903 174 28 70
Elza Veber
Support for participants